Monday, September 29, 2008

thirtyfour: clean up

so, last weekend the plan was to spend most of sunday being productive (taking pictures for the website, making stuff, etc), but that did not happen. instead, i walked into my work room and stepped on a headpin (a little metal thing used in jewelry) and bled all over the carpet. i had been thinking about cleaning up my work space and this was just another sign that my room had been neglected for too long. so, i don't have anything new to post, but i do have a nice tidy room to work in. of course, it is already thursday, so i will hopefully be doing something this weekend.
i have been trying to do a website, as i mentioned before, but i don't really like the host site i have been using (weebly) so i think i am going to look around for something else (i am open to suggestions if anyone has anything to recommend to me). this evening i started to upload my new pictures on to my picasa web album. so, i may not have a website yet, but you can peruse my new photos if you are interested.

Monday, September 22, 2008

thirtythree: new photos

i am so excited! i love the new pictures i have just taken! i have been using my dad's new super duper camera and i think it makes a huge difference in the quality of the photos.
here are some of the new photos i am using for my website. i haven't photo-shopped them yet, but they still look pretty good.
one big thing i have to do, is make sure that the brightness and the background color are the same in all the pictures. i am not sure how to do that without flipping back and forth between photos, but according to my dad you can do that pretty easily.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

thirtytwo: expanding my empire

right now i am working on several different ideas:
1. i am making a new website with a new name. i am not sure what my name is going to be, the top two candidates are vpm designs and Vee.Pee.eM., if anyone has anything better i am happy to hear it. i want my website to look more professional than my blog, so i am retaking pictures of all my necklaces and earrings and creating descriptions of each of them. i am going to continue to have a blog, but have this website as more of a gallery for my various creations.
2. i am working on presentation. i want people to take my jewlery and designs seriously, so i think i need to have them presented in a sleaker way. i am currently looking for some nice boxes or little bags to put my stuff in when i give them away or sell them. i bought some stickers to put on a tag or box when i have decided what my name is going to be.
3. i have a new product... badge holders! actually, they aren't that new, but i am going to make more of them. i made some for my mom last year and i have spoken to a lot of people who seem to be interested in getting some prettier ones.

i think those are all the new developments for right now. i will be posting more about my website as it progresses and i will show some sample pictures of what i will be posting on the web.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

thirtyone: unfinished projects

in my last post i mentioned that i have a lot of projects that i have started and have finished. well, i thought i would post some examples of my many ongoing embroidery projects.
this is a quote from a ee cummings poem that i like. it looks like i got the quote slightly wrong. oops. i finished this last night, so here is the finished product:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

thirty: the offce & cross-stitching & my job

i have started doing some more cross-stitching projects in the past couple of weeks. i have a problem with starting a lot of different patterns and then i eventually stick to one and finish it. the pattern below is the one that i have been making progress on. it is a little traditional for my taste, but i think i am going give it to a family friend for christmas (she has more old-fashioned taste). my goal for this holiday season is to make all my presents for friends and family. i already have a pretty good stockpile of jewelry and frames, so i think i will be fine for my female friends and relatives. i am not sure what i am going to do for the men in my life, but i am sure i will think of something.
in the past few weeks i discovered the show the office (the american version). jenn used to tell me how good it was all the time and i never quite believed her. now, however, i am sold. i love it. i am not one to laugh out loud while watching tv, but with the office i do all the time. i kinda wish my office was like the show. maybe once i have gotten to know everyone, i will discover my own version of phylis, pam, jim, michael, stanley, etc. in my own office. i do know that on monday i am going to be brainstorming different office sports i can play with my coworkers.
i have now completed two weeks at my new job. i am enjoying it for the most part, but am still trying to get everyone's name down and figuring out what i am going to be doing. i think this biggest adjustment for me is waking up at 6:30 every morning. i am not a morning person, so i have become even more dependent on coffee to get through the day.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

twentynine: sewing up a storm!

just as i predicted, i have not been able to do that many crafts. i did get some time to whip up a few things this weekend, though. i made this pillow for my room.
i also made a purse. this was inspired by some that i saw at urban outfitters a few weeks ago. i think it turned out well, but i will try to make one that is a bit bigger next time. i made this purse from an old scarf that someone was getting rid of.