Monday, November 2, 2009

seventyseven: worst blogger. ever.

i think this has been the longest amount of time i have gone without posting since i started this blog over a year ago. as i have vowed in almost all of my recent posting, i will start to update more often! i promise! i have been quite busy though, i moved since my last posting and i have only now been able to take photos of my recent creations. i don't really like these pictures, but i thought i would show what i have been up to recently.
the necklace is below is my favorite of the necklaces i have made. my boss bought some beads for me from new york, i used a lot of them here:
i had two necklaces that i never wore very much, they were long single-strands. i did not take pictures of them before i made the necklace below. i get a ton of compliments on this one when i wear it. i like it a lot. the green, pink, grey, and black make it a really versatile piece.
this is not finished. i can't decide how i feel about it. i go back and forth on whether or not i should finish it.