Wednesday, August 26, 2009

seventysix: sometimes i fix my mistakes

my sweater is finished. it looks good. can you tell where the hole was?

Monday, August 24, 2009

seventyfive: sometimes i do stupid things

while trying to take pills off of my cardigan with a disposable razor i accidentally cut a hole on the side of my sweater. i love my cardigan, so i have been trying to figure out what to do to fix my stupidity. i have started beading over the hole and on the side in order to cover my repair. i will post pictures once i have finished with it.

seventy four: cork + hot glue = happiness

i keep corks left over from my parents' wild wine nights, i have now saved up several hundred wine corks (over the past couple of years). i am always trying to figure out how i can use the corks as well as the other stuff i have in my crafts room. last week, i decided to cover the inside of a wine box with corks, to make a pseudo cork board for jewelry. it took me a while to cut all the corks and then to glue them, but i think the final product looks pretty good. i didn't like any of the push pins i had available, so i decided to make my own. i grabbed some mismatched beads and some old sewing needles and voila! i can't wait to start using this to keep all my earrings.
i made push pins using needles and leftover beads. i think they look really good. especially in the cork box.