Wednesday, July 30, 2008

twentythree: earrings

my hands are sore. i have been making earrings all day and could have made more if i could still grip a pair of pliers. despite the fact i have been working most of the day, i only made 7 pairs of earrings. i ran out 'normal' earring hooks, so i used some over-sized ones i bought a while back. the over-sized hooks look a bit weird, but i think it makes them more funky.
job update: i got a call this morning from a company i submitted a resume to several months ago. so, before my interview i will have to search the internet in hopes that i can find a job description for the position. i really don't understand what takes people so long to start interviewing job candidates.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

twentytwo: pearls!

i have been working on making more sophisticated jewelry lately. these are my first two classier pieces. i think my favorite of the two is the one made with the funny-shaped pearls (i am not sure what their proper name is). i tried to make the necklace very simple, in order to feature the shapes of the pearls more.
i made this other necklace with a piece of paua shell that a friend from new zealand gave me a few years ago. my mom bought the grey pearls in Tennessee for me a few years ago.
i am going to make miriam's sister a pair of earrings as a wedding present, so i have been trying to look at earrings in magazines, on tv, etc. miriam's sister has just spent the past few years in new york, so i feel like the earrings have to be new york funky. i think i am going to make a few different kinds and then give farrah (miriam's sister) or miriam the task of choosing which pair is best.
job update: starting another temp job on thursday and am having awkward informational phone conversations with people i don't know.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

twentyone: a whole lot of nothing

so, unfortunately i have not been keeping up with my blogging or my crafting. i just finished my second temp job yesterday and am hoping that i will have a few days to catch up with my crafting before the next job comes along.
i heard a really interesting story this morning on npr. it was a review on a jewelry exhibit by the artist alexander calder. he made a lot of different wire jewelry without soldering and using different 'every-day' objects (telephone wire, for example). i really like the look of a lot of the pieces he made and the fact that he used relatively inexpensive materials (like the wire that wire hangers are made from). exhibit is in phili until november, so i think i might take a trip up there before it ends. i think i might try bending some old wire hangers i have laying around, but i am not sure i have enough talent/strength to make anything remotely similar to what he did.
i am in the middle of sewing some of my granny squares together for my afghan, i will take some pictures of my progress for my next post.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


i have a confession to make, i am obsessed with the wii game link's crossbow training. all i think about is hitting targets and how many points i can get. i have never been addicted to a game like this before, so i am not sure how to go about overcoming my urge to forgo all human contact in favor of a video game. i blame this all on my brother, who had to inflict this horrible (but so wonderful) game on me for the summer. i have the high score for all but two levels, so it is now my mission in life to beat my brother's scores on each level. i think he finds it amusing that of all the games to become addicted to, i chose the simplest and dorkiest of his collection. i am hoping that once i have beaten his high scores i will be able to kick my game-playing habit.
during my forced breaks from target practice i have made a few pieces of jewelry, but have not been as inspired to create as i am to play. i am, however, quite impressed with my recent projects. i made some jewelry to match a dress that i am wearing to miriam's sister's wedding. i used some beads from an old necklace that belonged to my grandma and some pearls that my mom bought at a bead shop in tennessee.
i have a feeling that these earrings might be a little bit heavy on my poor ears, so i think i will only use one loop.
here are a few other necklaces that i made with no particular event or purpose in mind:
job update: after a week and a half without work i am going to start another temping job tomorrow. fortunately, this one has an end date, so if it is not my cup of tea, i won't have to awkwardly refuse to work there any longer.
musicness: i have recently become a fan of the band travis, i cannot get enough of the songs sing or driftwood.