Saturday, October 11, 2008

thirtyfour: badge holders

i don't really like these pictures of lanyards i made, but caroline was curious to see what they look like.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

thirtyfive: a new look

after reading my friend emily's 'secret' blog, i was inspired to revamp the look of my blog. i loved the banner and the brightness of emily's, so that is basically why i changed my header and background color. i am pretty impressed with my banner and my photo editing skills, to be honest.
i spent most of the morning taking new pictures. the photo below is my favorite of all the new pictures. the beads remind me of mini & mickey mouse's noses.
i tried experimenting with a different background but i think the plain one worked the best. here are some of the other pictures i have taken:
i really need to doing something about the exposure of these photos. the lighting and the background material are the same in almost all of these pictures, but they still look different. too bad i am no longer living with someone getting their masters in photojournalism. sigh. i will have to figure this out on my own.
i going to delaware tomorrow for a going away party for my cousin, who is moving to new zealand on tuesday. while i am visiting with my family i am going to try to think about what i could make for them for christmas. i have been making a lot of jewelry lately, but not with anyone (except myself) in mind. a lot of what i have been making i am probably going to keep for myself, which i feel bad about. i will definitely be keeping the necklace below, i made it using beads from my grandma.