Sunday, May 31, 2009

sixtyeight: egghead

sorry i have not posted in a while. i wrote this posting a couple weeks ago and forgot to publish it:
this weekend i made 4 dozen deviled eggs, which means that i made 96 halves (i think my math is correct). my cousin had a graduation party on saturday and i was asked to make up the eggs by my aunt. somehow, among my family members, i have managed to gain a reputation for my deviled eggs. even though, i am fairly certain none of my relatives (with the exception of my grandmother) have ever had my deviled eggs. anyway, i was happy to do it, although i was questioning my decision when i was piping the yolk mixture into the eggs. unfortunately, in all of the excitement, i forgot to take a picture of the 96 finished products. just know, that they looked and tasted delicious!

sixtyseven: vicky christina barcelona

i have started noticing a disturbing trend in modern day films. they do not have plots. or at least they don't have a storyline that keeps the viewer's interest. on friday, i saw vicky christina barcelona. i was interested to see it, as I have heard nothing but good things. i was sorely disappointed. the movie chronicles vicky (rebecca hall) and christina (scarlett johansson) and their summer in barcelona. of course, there is a handsome spaniard involved (javier bardem) and a neurotic ex-girlfriend thrown into the mix (penelope cruz). the problem i had with this movie was the same problem i had with rachel getting married - the characters were less than compelling and the plot was somewhat lacking. of course, both movies had great actors that performed well, i just wish they had put their energy into better films.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

sixtysix: i'll be holding all the tickets and you'll be owning all the fines

i am obsessed with bon iver's album for emma, forever ago. obsessed. i have not stopped listening to the album, since i first got it a week ago. according to wikipedia, justin vernon, the band's leader, recorded most of the songs in a remote cabin in wisconsin. he went there after the end of a relationship (i assume that would be with 'emma'?), the break up of his band, and his recovery from mono.
this definitely feels like a breakup album, with most of the songs sounding ghostly and ominious. i don't always understand the meaning behind his lyrics, but i think the overall melody and the layered harmonies are more significant than the words he uses.
i have heard a few songs from his latest release, bloodbank. i think it hits more positive notes than his first album, but still has the same wonderful sound.
skinny love, re: stacks, and blindsided are my favorites. you should check them out.

Friday, May 15, 2009

sixtyfive: bleh

i have not been blogging in a while, instead i have been spending/wasting my time on the internet looking at several different sites:
fmylife - a message board where people write short notes about embarrassing/awkward/hilarious things that have happened to them. with each post you will either cringe or laugh out loud.
missed connections on craiglist - i am not sure why, but i have become obsessed with checking this (i pretty much do so daily).
rooms to rent on craigslist - i am really ready to move and i have given up on waiting for my friends that are looking for jobs. so, i have started looking at prices of rooms and figure out what is out there.
okcupid - i like to read people's 'self summaries'. stop the judging. - i love this site. great articles.

Monday, May 4, 2009

sixtyfour: wired

as i mentioned in my previous post, i have become quite interested in wire work. since i am new to working with wire, i have only been doing fairly simple designs, but i think they still look quite sophisticated. i love the color of the copper, i think it gives a little quirkiness to a necklace that would otherwise be a bit too serious. all of the necklaces below are one strand and are fairly long.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

sixtythree: inspiration

sometimes when i am bored or watching twilight for the third or fourth time (as i am right now), i like to look at the jewelry that is being sold in different stores (anthropologie, br, etsy...). i found these earrings the other day and was inspired to try something similar. they appealed to me mainly because i am becoming quite interested in wire work at the moment. all of my attempts at making exact copies were failures, but i really liked some of the simpler earrings i ended up creating. i wore three different pairs to work and received a number of compliments, which was a welcome surprise.
please don't judge me too harshly for using silver findings - i did not have any copper ones on hand. the earrings in the last picture are my favorite, they are a great weight, length, and the mother of pearl beads have a nice shimmer.

Friday, May 1, 2009

sixtytwo: little dorrit

i love bbc period dramas. in general, my standards are pretty low, throw a couple of actors dressed up in 18th/19th century costumes and have them speak in flowery language and i am completely sold. luckily, bbc has incredibly high standards (unlike me) for all of its period pieces. the acting is almost always impeccable, the costumes are beautiful, and the stories are fascinating (thanks in part to dickens, austen, gaskell, the brontes, etc.).
i recently finished watching one of the more recent productions, the 14-episode adaptation of dickens' little dorrit. i had never heard of this novel, so i watched this series with very few expectations. this is not one of my favorite bbc productions, the title character was a little bland among all of the eccentric personalities featured, i found the final episode a little confusing, and i was left with a number of questions that were not addressed by the end. as i said, i am not familiar with the original work, so i do not know if this is the fault of the novel or the adapters. i still did enjoy the series and would recommend it to anyone interested in this genre of film.