Saturday, June 6, 2009

sixtynine: who's watching the watchmen?

i wrote this a while ago, but never got around to posting it:
i have never been much of a comic book fan, in fact, before reading this novel i don't think i have ever read a comic book or even had any interest in reading one. however, after hearing praise for watchmen and noting that it appears in times list of 100 best novels, i decided to give it a try. i enjoyed it for the most part, although it was hard to get into the pace of reading a graphic novel. i often got in the bad habit of reading the dialog and forgetting to look at the pictures, this caused some confusion for me later on. all in all, i am glad i read it, but wouldn't read it again. i do think though, that to truly appreciate this novel you would have to read it several times and actually look closely at the details in the drawings. i am look forward to seeing the movie, when that is released on DVD.