Thursday, December 10, 2009

seventyeight: xmas presents

below are some new pieces i made recently. i think most of them will be given away for christmas, so beware you may be looking at your christmas present. the pictures are not great. since i have moved i have not been able to figure out the best way of taking photos. i have also been lazy and not wanted to put the time/effort into taking good photos.
i went to a show put on by students at the corcoran college of art and design. i noticed that each of them had websites and business cards. i don't know if this is something that the school encouraged, but i think it is a good idea. as i have mentioned before, i would really like to have a site in which to display all of my work in one place, rather than just a blog. i think i should work on doing this. i was also encouraged after seeing people's works. there were some pieces that i could not make, but there were quite a few that looked like something i could do (and i think i do a better job). that made me feel great. at some point, i might consider doing the jewelry certification program that they have there.
i signed up for a silver smithing class at the torpedo factory in alexandria. it is going to start in february, i am getting pretty excited about it.