Saturday, November 29, 2008

thirtyseven: a month and a half later...

well, it has been quite a while since i last update, sorry about that. here are a few things that have been on my mind recently:
1.frozen mangoes: i love trader joe's frozen mangoes. they are a perfect dessert for all occasions.
2.amy macdonald: her music is my latest obsession. i can't stop listening to her album. my favorite song by her is L.A. it reminds me of my budding relationship with rpats.
3.twilight: i read the 4 books in the twilight series a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed them. i went to see the movie on the opening weekend and have now been inspired to reread at least the first few books (i was not a fan of the last one). the movie was about what i expected. rpats did a great job as edward, but i was a little disappointed in bella. of course, the guy who played jasper gets the prize for being the worst actor in the movie, he reminded me of a constipated edward scissorhands.
4.laziness: i have a confession to make, i have not been crafting lately. in my defense, i was quite sick and was away on business for a week, so i have not had that much time on my hands. now that i realize christmas is quickly approaching, i am trying to be more productive. i promise i will be updating my blog with some pictures very soon.
5.mind the blox: i hate/love this game. for a while it was all i would think about. now, i think i am finally managing to control my addiction.