Friday, July 24, 2009

seventythree: time wasters

so, i don't have much new news to report, i have not taken any new pictures, and i have not read/seen anything interesting. since i have very little to share, here are some of the new places i have found to waste my time on the computer:
***mtv's the real world is currently filming in dc. much of the city is against these newcomers, but i am fascinated by them. i think i have a not-so-secret desire to become a member of a future real world house. of course, i might be too old to be one of them. anyway, one of the neighbors of dc's real world house has started a blog: the anti-real world dc.
***spotted: dc summer interns is another great blog. different people contribute stories (most of them hilarious) about the escapades of young interns around town. i don't find the influx of interns in the summer quite as annoying as many of the posters, but i do appreciate their antics.
***for good celebrity gossip and other girly things i love going to the frisky.
***i heart the office and i super heart mindy kaling. she is really funny and has a really clever sense of humor. i wish she updated her blog things i bought that i love more often, but she doesn't.


ellie said...

you are too nice to be on real world.

Global Gallerina said...

Fab finds!!! Why in thw WORLD would you want to be on real world? (i was wondering why we say 'on' real world, as opposed to 'in' real world..dunno)
All's well in Finland (or Finnland, as some annoying people keep writing on my fb wall..idiots.) I have updated my blog! Please read ;) Miss you! I leave for Paris on August 29th. Life is good. I see from your fb pics that life is pretty good for you too ;) I want um, details! Hugs!!!! xox Mia